HP Gas Customer Care, Complaint Number, 24×7 Hours Toll-Free Number

HPCL stands for Hindustan Corporation Limited. It is a oil and natural gas  company and owned by Indian state government. The headquarters for this are present in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company was initially found in the year 1974. The company provide the gas connection and supply LPG gas cylinder to its customer. It deals both at domestic and industrial level. LPG gas is most popular  and safe cooking fuel. Previous to this, people make use of other fuel foe cooking  which include wood and cow dump cake. This are not the safe and as well as unhealthy way for the cooking. Women usually got lot of disease due to this. The most common disease are respiratory disease. So, the production of LPG started and today it became the largely used cooking fuel.

There are mainly three companied which deal in oil and Natural gas and these are Bharat, Indane and HP. These acquire around 85% of the market. HP is one famous among this. HPCL started the marketing of LPG in the year 1979. And for this they choose the name HP gas. LPG gas was first introduced in the year 1955 and today HP gas has 69 million domestic users. The gas reaches you after passing a lot of testes and completely verified on security parameters.

Not, to have a HP gas connection. You first need to request for the connection. There are a number of HP gas distributor. Distributor is one which provide you the connection. You can visit the distributor and ask for the form through which you can request a new connection. Along with this, there are some other documents which you have to provide for the verification. Also, you need to provide the correct details. All the details have been cross verified and without verification you cannot get the connection. Once the verification has been successfully, you will get the connection.

LPG gas are quite costly and not all the people can afford this. Therefore, lot of people still use the traditional way of cooking. So, get a solution for this, government introduced a scheme which is named the PAHAL scheme in which subsidy a provided over the LPG gas and it will cost you less than the original cost. This is not applicable to all the customer. For this, you need to apply for the subsidy and need to fill a form. The form can be filled at the time of connection. For this there is a pre-requisite that your annual income should not be more than 10 Lack and also you need to perform the KYC.

Previously, the subsidy amount is directly cut from the LPG cylinder price and it cost the public less. But, there was lot of fraud in this and it is difficult for the government to keep a record for this. later on a better way is invented and now the amount id directly transferred to your bank account. For this, you need to pay the full amount at the time of delivery and once the gas is delivered to you, the amount for the subsidy has been transferred to your account after 3 working days.

To make the whole process, all the gas providers has their online portal. HP gas also has their online portal and with the help of this, you can make all the requests and you need not to visit the distributor again and again. You need to make an account on their online portal and from their you can request for the connection, complete your KYC, book the LPG gas cylinder, Book gas refill, request subsidy, subsidy status check and so on. We have provided the steps for making the account in the previous articles, so you can find all the steps from there.

Apart from Online portal, HP gas also have their number. You can call those numbers and can take help from there. Here we are going to provide the details for these numbers –

HP Gas Toll-Free Number

There is a toll free number of the HP gas. Toll free number means that, you do not need to pay anything to call this number and call will not cost anything to you. The toll free number is 1800 2333 555. You can call this number anytime. This is available 24*7. The process is automated. You need to call the answer and they will ask you to press some of the digit in order to take your input and after this, they provide relevant information to you.

Apart from this number. There are 2 other numbers. You can also call on that numbers. the number are 022 2286 3900 or 022 22637000. These are also toll free numbers.

HP Gas Emergency Number

 There is one dedicated help line number of HP gas which you can call in case of emergency. The number is 1906. This is also toll free number. You can call this number anytime. Your call will be answered and best possible solution will be provided to you. There could be any kind of emergency like gas leakage.

Web Contact Form

Apart from all this, there is one web contact form. You can reach HP by filling this form. Click on this link on your laptop or you can also open this in your smart phone. This is the complaint feedback form. You can enter your compliant in this form and can submit the form or you can also provide feedback to the company. Your form will be processed as soon as possible.

So, these are all the contacts details. We advise you to turn off the gas regulator when you go out  from your home or after cooking. These will minimize the chances for the gas leakage and can keep you safe. Also, please keep looking the gas pipe from time to time and keep replacing this. A faulty gas pipe can result into gas leakage while cooking and it can be dangerous.

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