Features to consider when buying an Electric Kettle

Electric kettles are highly useful for boiling water effectively and swiftly. This is very beneficial for tea and coffee lovers who prefer quickly brewed cups of tea and coffee frequently. Electric kettles are also widely used for boiling eggs, cooking noodles, preparing soups and other liquid-based dishes.

There is a plethora of models of electric kettles in the market. To purchase the best electric kettle, there are a lot of features that must be taken into consideration. Some of the important features to take into account have been discussed here.


Boiling speed is the main feature to look for in an electric kettle, and it is closely related to the power rating of the kettle. The higher the power rating, the less time taken by the kettle to boil water. A 1500 W electric kettle can boil water within 3-4 minutes. Higher wattage electric kettles take less time. Select the one which has a good power rating and is swift. However, do not just rely on the manufacturer’s claims and check reviews regarding its boiling speed.


The capacities of electric kettles vary. Most models have enough capacity for boiling several cups of water. However, the smaller portable models have lesser capacities. If you live alone and don’t require more than 1-2 cups of tea or coffee at a time, it is better to opt for a portable model. If you have a family and need to brew several cups at a time, a higher capacity model is suitable.

The power rating of the electric kettle should match its capacity. A 1-litre electric kettle of 1500 W power rating will boil water faster as compared to a 1.5 L electric kettle having the same power. Thus, if you purchase a high capacity electric kettle, its power rating should be correspondingly high.

The countertop size should match the size of the electric kettle. To this end, measure the size of the countertop space where you intend to place the electric kettle and select the size accordingly.


The material of the electric kettle is an important consideration. The body of an electric kettle can be made of stainless steel, glass or plastic. Stainless steel is the best material because it does not negatively affect the contents, easy to clean, leaves no smell, sturdy and is a good conductor of heat. However, stainless steel electric kettles are expensive.

Glass electric kettles score high on aesthetics and do not leave smell but are fragile and need to be handled with care. In terms of price, electric glass kettles are the most expensive. Plastic electric kettles are the cheapest of all but are not rated safe except for BPA plastic, leaving a smell and difficult to clean.


Auto-shutoff is a useful feature in electric kettles. This feature automatically switches off the kettle as soon as the boiling point or the set temperature is reached. Thus, there is no need for supervision.

The water gauge indicates the water level in the kettle so that the user can ensure that it contains enough water to start the process of heating.

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